Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.

Magic Card Trick on the Fly

Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.Every aspiring magician should always have a deck of cards with him or her.  This is because an aspiring magician needs to practice a lot, and what better way to practice than to pull out a deck of cards wherever you are and do a magic card trick for anybody who is around?  There are several on the fly magic card tricks that are great for this purpose.  One of those is the clumsy magician magic card trick. 

This magic card trick is easy but it does take a bit of practice to achieve the right illusion.  Start by pulling out your deck of cards.  A fresh deck is best for this trick because all of the cards will be nice and unmarred.  Spread your deck and ask an audience member to choose one card, but to only show it to the other members of the audience, or to keep it to himself.  Ask him and the other audience members to quietly concentrate on which card it is, while you pick up the deck of cards. 

While they are concentrating on the one card, you stack the others in a nice pile, and with your thumb bend the corner of the card on the bottom of the pile.  Set the deck on the table in a pile. 

Ask your participant who is holding the card to place it on the deck face down so that you cannot see it.  Now ask him to cut the deck.  This first cut will place the bent card on top of the chosen card, as will subsequent cuts.  Ask him to cut the deck two more times just to be sure that his card is good and buried.  He will cut the deck in two different places just to make sure that you haven’t stacked the deck for a center cut every time.  This ensures that his card is still just beneath the bent card. 

Now, this is the part that takes practice to look believable.  Pick up the deck of cards placing your thumb just under the bend in the cards and “accidentally” drop all of the cards, catching only the one that your thumb is on, which will be the one that was just below the bent card – the chosen card.  Amazing! 

You can find this, and other magic card tricks in various places like books, videos, and on the internet.  So can your audience.  So make sure that any magic card tricks that you don’t design yourself aren’t done exactly as you read them.  That is a good way to practice a new magic card trick, but you will need to put your own twist on it in order to make it “your” magic card trick, and not one that half of your audience members have also found on the internet or in a book. 

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