Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.

Some Magic Tricks Are All About Presentation

Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.Sometimes when performing magic tricks the trick is really in the presentation, and not so much the slight of hand or the illusion.  In fact the easiest tricks arenít really tricks at all, but making your audience believe that itís a trick. 

There is one such trick that is probably the best trick to learn the art of presentation, but that isnít really a magic trick at all, but works because of statistical probability.  This trick will work 90% of the time, and come very close to working the other 10%.  You can try it on yourself to be sure that it works, and when you learn how easy it is your confidence to present the trick will increase, too. 

The "Magic Trick" 

This is a magic trick that requires nothing but a deck of cards and a one person audience.  The first thing you do is ask your audience to choose two cards, but that there is no need to choose the suits of the cards.  Just choose two cards like a 5 and a Jack.  Ask him to state his choice aloud for all to hear because he is really the one who will be doing the trick. 

Now hand him the deck of cards and ask him to shuffle the cards very well.  Tell him to take all the time he needs to make sure that the cards are good and shuffled and that anything you might have done to stack the cards has been undone. 

When he has finished shuffling the cards, have him lay the cards face down on a table.  Show the audience that your hands are empty and that there is nothing up your sleeves.  Then lay one of your hands on top of the deck of cards and concentrate.  (This is where the presentation comes in).  You need to convince the audience that you are rearranging the cards with your mind.  Take a good 30 seconds to a minute to do this. 

When you have finished rearranging the cards with your mind, simply explain that the two cards that he chose, the 5 and the Jack, will be next to each other within the deck.  Turn the cards over and spread them so that he can find his 5 and Jack next to each other in the deck. 

How it Works 

As mentioned, this easy card trick works with the laws of probability.  There are only 52 cards in a deck.  Eight of those cards, or 15% of those 52 cards, are the 5ís and Jacks.  The probability of those two cards being next to each other is very, very high, no matter how the cards are shuffled.  Go ahead and give it a try and you will know that this is not really a trick at all, but with the right presentation it can blow the minds of your audience. 

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