Free Magic Coin Tricks: this coin trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.

Pulling Off Magic Coin Tricks

Free Magic Coin Tricks: this coin trick is really easy and can be done on the fly.Coin magic tricks are often a little more difficult than card magic tricks because they require a little more of the illusionist in you to pull them off.  Most coin magic tricks donít include audience participation because the audience canít shuffle the coins to make it look like they are doing all the work, so you need to really practice coin magic tricks in order to make them work their best. 

One of the easier coin magic tricks is the disappearing coin trick.  This is a trick in which you hold a coin up so that the audience can clearly see the coin, and then in a flash the coin disappears.  You will need a special coin for this trick, and some practice, but you will be amazed at how well this simple coin magic trick works for you. 

You will need a large coin, like a half dollar.  Drill a small hole into the coin as near the edge as you can get it.  Then take a piece of thin elastic and put it through the hole at one end and secure it by sewing the elastic together.  If you can find clear elastic, this works best, or elastic that matches your skin tone.   

Once the elastic is secured to the coin, you will need to measure it so that when hanging loosely the elastic can be pinned to the inside of your shirt at the seam under your armpit and the coin hangs above your shirt sleeve cuff.  This gives enough pull on the elastic to quickly snap the coin into your shirt sleeve but without pulling on your shirt at the point where you have pinned the elastic. 

For the trick, you will need to hold the coin between your thumb and forefinger, making sure to conceal the elastic and hole.  Hold the coin out for the audience to see it clearly, then when closing your hand around the coin, turn your arm inward so that they cannot see the coin go from your hand up your sleeve.  Then turn your hand back over just as quickly with an open palm so that the audience can see that the coin has disappeared. 

Practice this coin magic trick in the mirror, and then on friends and family before taking it to a ďrealĒ audience and make sure that they canít figure out how it is done.  If you can fool even your biggest critics, then fooling a willing audience will come much easier.  Remember that audiences want to figure out your tricks, but even more than that they want to be amazed by your tricks, so they wonít try too hard to figure them out if you donít make the magic coin tricks too obvious. Youíll be a real magician

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