Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done with just a little practice..

The World’s Easiest Magic Card Trick Needs Practice, Too

Free magic tricks: this card trick is really easy and can be done with just a little practice.. Most magic card tricks are easy once you learn how to do them and practice a lot at making them look like they are more magic than they are a trick, but none are more simple than the world’s easiest magic card trick.  This trick can be learned by anyone and performed by anyone, even a child can learn to effectively perform the world’s easiest magic card trick. 

Take a full deck of cards and shuffle them.  Fan the cards on the table face down and ask an audience member to select a card from the fan.  Tell him to remember what card it is while you gather up the remaining cards and shuffle them some more.   

Now, with the deck of cards face down, cut the cards or lift half of the deck so that your participant can place his card face down in the center of the deck.  You will need to remember which card is on the bottom of the cut because that will be the card directly on top of the chosen card.  

Shuffle the cards some more, taking care to stay away from the center cut, or you can ask your participant to cut the cards a couple of times – or both a cut and a shuffle, it’s up to you how to present the trick.   

To conclude the world’s easiest magic card trick, simply fan the cards face up on the table and find the card in the deck that is directly after the one that you memorized from the bottom of the cut, and that will be the card.  You can also flip the cards one by one until you come to it, or put your own swing on the trick to make it more fun and believable. 

There are many, many easy magic card tricks that you can learn because these tricks are not really magic at all, they are illusions that depend on you being able to make them look like they are magical.  Pulling off the illusions takes confidence, and to gain that sort of confidence takes lots of practice.

Learn several easy magic card tricks to practice, but don’t try to learn too many all at once.  It is best to perfect one or two before beginning to learn another one or two.  Even the most famous magicians had to practice, practice, and practice some more each of their magic tricks to make them believable illusions. 

Some ways to pull off illusions are to distract the audience’s attention from your hands by telling a joke, doing something with the other hand to draw the eyes, or even looking up or to the side curiously as if you’ve heard something or are waiting on something to appear.  Practice the art of illusion and the art of magic will come much easier. 

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